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For those who’ve visited our office, you would have been greeted by our little ‘Furnancial Adviser’ named Isla. She may not have the ability to take any client calls, or even review any loan applications but she has a mighty little bark to greet anyone at the door and a tail that wiggles at a speed I worry she’ll take off. Most of her days she’s sleeping on her bed in the office and checks in on every one of us for any potential snacks. She’s there every day, rain or shine, and despite the weather being Wellington-esque here in Auckland today (sorry Wellingtonians!), we all head out to take her for a walk every mid-day as a team. In many ways, she’s part of the team and a core part of our working environment in the office.

This story may seem to go nowhere, but bear with me!

In the financial sense, we all have the equivalent of Isla as part of our financial well-being. KiwiSaver was introduced in 2007 to help New Zealanders save for retirement. A novel concept to many New Zealanders, much like bringing a dog to the office. To ensure mass adoption of KiwiSaver, the government introduced the default KiwiSaver provider and fund. Unfortunately, many KiwiSaver members have not made the most of their KiwiSaver as they are still in a default conservative fund and have never changed providers since.

It’s time to take your KiwiSaver out for a walk and get it reviewed. Small changes over time can lead to an incredible impact on your financial future. Even if you’re not on a default fund, it’s important to regularly review your KiwiSaver fund to ensure it aligns with your current financial goals and risk profile. With enough time and the appropriate risk profile, you’ll soon never imagine a time when you didn’t have KiwiSaver as part of your core retirement strategies.

At Twine, we work with some exceptional KiwiSaver providers who can help take the first step towards reviewing and updating your KiwiSaver investment and providing advice tailored to your risk appetite. It’s important that you have a solid financial plan that will lead to a comfortable retirement.

So don’t let your KiwiSaver sit on the sidelines – reach out to us today and let us help you get on track. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a well-managed investment, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t get your KiwiSaver reviewed sooner.

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