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Comprehensive Mortgage Services and Advice.

At Twine Financial Advisers, we provide a comprehensive range of mortgage services designed to guide you through every step of your property journey. From buying your first home, upgrading to your next home, refinancing to secure better terms, or refix and restructuring your existing mortgage; we’re here to help you achieve your financial and property goals.

We understand the mortgage process can be complex, which is why we take a strategic approach to manage your debt and finances. We work closely with you to understand your unique circumstances and provide tailored mortgage advice to suit your specific needs. With our extensive network of partnerships with major banks and lenders, we have access to a diverse range of options, ensuring that we find the best mortgage solutions for you.

Getting A Pre-approval

At Twine Financial Advisers, we’ve streamlined the entire pre-approval process, positioning ourselves as your trusted partner, guiding you every step of the journey.


Curious if mortgage refinancing is the right move for you? Connect with us today to explore your options.


In a world of fluctuating interest rates, and economic uncertainty, the questions often arises, “how long should I fix my mortgage rate for?”.

Get A Top Up

Discover how a mortgage top-up can provide the financial flexibility you need.


We can create a solid mortgage strategy to alleviate any financial concerns, so you can focus on the fun and exciting parts of your project.

Property Development

It’s never too early to start the discussion about bringing your project to life.

In Trouble

Feeling overwhelmed by loan repayments? Don’t worry, there are solutions available to help you overcome these challenges.

Bank Said No

We specialise in finding alternative lending solutions to help you secure the financing you need, regardless of your situation.

Mortgage Strategy

Find out how a thoughtfully crafted mortgage strategy can give you the clarity to transform your property goals into a reality.

Our Process

Our goal is to make your mortgage journey as smooth as possible, providing expert guidance, proactive support, and tailored solutions every step of the way.

Twine Financial Advisers is your trusted mortgage partner, we’ll manage your entire mortgage process, from initial consultation, getting a pre-approval, to settlement day and throughout the life of your mortgage.

Schedule a Call with an Adviser

Discovery Call

The first step is to have a Discovery Call with our Twine Adviser. It’s all about getting to know you, your goals and how we can help you to achieve them.

Complete Application Form

You complete our online application form. It’s quick and easy!

Financial Review

We analyse and evaluate your current financial situation; calculate your affordability and serviceability given your current circumstances and determine your limitations.

Your Mortgage Strategy

We provide you with a Mortgage Strategy; a brief analysis of your financial situation (serviceability and affordability), any limitations that we foresee, lender options, and your recommended mortgage strategy which best fits your needs and goals.

Implement the Strategy

We’ll guide you through the entire process from underwriting right through to settlement:
Get you the Pre-Approval - We’ll underwrite and submit your application to the lender. Guide you to satisfy your finance conditions, if any. Ensure your finances are sorted prior to settlement. Loan Structure Meeting - Prior to settlement, which is our recommendation on the best way to structure your loans to help you achieve your needs and objectives.

Ongoing Loan Maintenance

We’ll maintain your loan refixes througout the life of your loans.

Your Twine adviser will review your personal circumstances with you annually, or more frequently if necessary, to ensure the mortgage solutions we helped you implement remains appropriate for your needs and objectives.