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Personalised Mortgage Strategies.

Getting a pre-approval is the straightforward part; the real challenge is determining the right steps forward. Find out how a thoughtfully crafted mortgage strategy can give you the clarity to transform your property goals into a reality.

Formulating your mortgage strategy

To develop an effective mortgage strategy, we begin by understanding your mission – ‘what’ do you want to achieve? 

When we also understand your vision, your ‘why’ that’s what makes a strategy personal.

Our approach focuses on creating the ‘how’ – the strategy

Whether you’re on the property ladder aiming for your first home, dream home, or financial independence through property investment, a mortgage strategy becomes the bridge to realizing those dreams.

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Our Strategic Approach

We believe in thinking several steps ahead. Explore the possibilities through these real-life case studies that illustrate the power of a strategic mortgage plan:

Rob & Anna wanted to get onto the property market but felt overwhelmed by the prospect of buying their first home. They didn’t like the idea of having a mortgage for the rest of their lives. The budget to buy their first home gradually increased as they continued to find their dream home. At the time, they had stable employment and no dependents.

They ended up purchasing their first home for 75% of their maximum borrowing capacity, which was in its original condition. They decided to renovate the property to gradually transform it into their ideal home without overextending themselves financially. Although their parents provided some financial assistance for renovations, they still had borrowing capacity available, which they later topped up to repay their parents.

In the end, they spent less than initially planned and accumulated equity in the process. Their future plan includes selling the property when school zones become relevant, allowing them to upgrade to their dream home with a mortgage strategy to focus on debt repayment after completing the renovations to make it easier. 

Natalie & Jeremy, already homeowners, dreamed of moving to a new city to be closer to their extended family and to move into their dream home. The challenge was that their borrowing capacity allowed them to move but not to afford their dream home. 

Our strategy was to use their borrowing power for investment. Since they didn’t need an immediate move, we set a 5 to 10-year plan. This allowed them to enter the market, leverage their investments, and maintain reasonable cash flow through careful property choices. We implemented a lending risk management plan, with the goal of selling their investments when they upgraded their family home in the future.

Sam & Lily, in their mid-40s, aspired for financial independence and early retirement through property investment. They didn’t dislike their jobs; rather, they disliked the idea of working until age 65 and beyond. 

They were determined to invest in properties with positive cashflow, but faced a challenge: banks were hesitant to lend to individuals without a steady job. We worked with them to define their vision of financial independence and created property investment scenarios.

To align with their goal, they downsized their home, reduced expenses, and leveraged their borrowing capacity, which was supported by their stable jobs. This enabled them to pay off their family home loan within 5 years. During this period, interest-only payments made sense for their investments, as they transitioned to a 25-year principal and interest term after 5 years.

Once they became mortgage-free on their home, they reduced their work hours, finding comfort in knowing that their investment mortgages were being paid down. This strategy provided them with an income stream in retirement, along with assets they could sell as needed.

Tailored property strategies

We believe there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy in the world of property. Each strategy has its merits and suits different goals, risk tolerances, skills, and appetites for success. Our goal is to identify your unique path to success and equip you with the knowledge and resources to pursue it confidently.

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Expert advice and support

At Twine Financial Advisers, we understand the significance of every step in your property journey because we’ve walked that path ourselves. Our team has extensive knowledge of the New Zealand property market, gained through years of personal experience in property investment and purchases. We’ve successfully navigated hundreds property transactions, from securing that first home or next home to strategically buying and selling investment properties. 

Our journey has equipped us with practical insights and a deep understanding of property investment nuances. What drives us is our passion to help individuals and families make informed financial decisions to help them achieve their financial goals.

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