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We’re more than just mortgage brokers.

We are a team of financial advisers with a mission to empower people with quality financial advice, so they can make informed financial decisions, and create a life where they’re not limited by their mortgages.

Our Story

In 2017, Eugene founded Twine Financial Advisers with the aim to empower families with quality financial advice and make a significant impact on their finances. Mortgages are a significant financial commitment for most families, and Eugene recognized its potential to shape their financial futures. However, the lack of advice on how to effectively manage their mortgage leaves many New Zealanders struggling to repay their mortgages or failing to seize the investment opportunities that are in front of them.

At Twine, we believe that mortgages are a valuable tool that requires strategic management and advice, similar to any other investment. With the right approach, a mortgage can be leveraged to grow property investment and build wealth over time.

Our personalized mortgage strategies consider all relevant factors to help clients achieve their long-term financial goals. We provide tailored advice and ongoing support to navigate the complex world of mortgages, especially when interest rates and property prices keep changing.

Our extensive experience and expertise have earned us several Top Adviser awards in New Zealand and industry recognition for our work. We believe that everyone, regardless of their property journey, deserves access to expert financial advice on managing their mortgage effectively. At Twine, we go beyond getting you the pre-approval and the lowest interest rates to help families build a solid financial foundation for their future, and create a life where they’re not limited by their mortgage.

Our Approach

At Twine, we pride ourselves on being relationship-driven advisers who prioritize delivering effective and strategic mortgage advice that responds to our clients’ evolving needs. We hold integrity as a core value and make a concerted effort to educate our clients on mortgages and property, empowering them to make informed financial decisions that align with their goals.

We recognize that education is key to making sound financial decisions, and we take great care in ensuring that our clients fully understand the mortgage process and the implications of their choices. Our advisers are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients, based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect.

We believe that our success is intrinsically linked to our clients’ success, and we work tirelessly to help them achieve their financial objectives. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of the mortgage market or providing tailored advice on property investment, we are dedicated to helping our clients make the most of their financial opportunities.

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Our Team

Eugene Bartsaikin

Director & Mortgage Adviser

P: 021391914

Having migrated to New Zealand in 1995 with his family, Eugene has witnessed first-hand what a powerful ‘why’ can achieve.
The Global Financial Crisis was a turning point for him, igniting a passion to help New Zealanders understand their finances beyond just the numbers. Since 2010, Eugene has since built a successful career in banking, wealth management, share broking, and mortgage advisory.

With his wealth of experience, Eugene offers a unique perspective that he applies to each of his clients, tailoring mortgage strategies and loan structures to their individual needs. He also has a knack for explaining complex financial concepts in practical, easy-to-understand English.

Eugene's extensive experience and expertise in the financial industry have earned him several Top Adviser awards in New Zealand and industry recognition for his approach toward mortgages and finances. He specializes in providing strategic mortgage and property advice, having helped numerous first-home buyers, property investors, and developers. He is the go-to person for complex deals with multiple entities and asset structures.

In his free time, Eugene enjoys spending quality time with his family and his young daughter. He loves being outdoors to go hiking, mountain biking, and tinkering with his car.

Irene Halim

Business Manager

Galina Golub

Mortgage Adviser

P: 022 387 1833

I have over 9 years’ experience working in financial services ranging from Assistant Adviser at a Wealth Management firm JBWere to Client Relationship Manager in UBS Sydney to Mobile Mortgage Manager at ANZ.

My love for property began when my husband and I purchased our first family home. I’m very familiar with that feeling of anticipation when we received our pre-approval and the multiple weekends of house hunting. It all came together with the ecstatic happiness at the auction when the hammer went down. I’ve become passionate about helping others achieve the same happiness.

When I work with first home buyers, I really connect with them through my own first-home buying journey. I nurture them by being their biggest advocate to the banks and guide them using my own personal experience and expertise.

I’m also a property investor with properties throughout New Zealand, so I can relate to many of my investor clients. I have a well-established network of professionals such as accountants, property managers, insurance advisers and lawyers who form a supporting team.

When I work with my clients, I keep them focused on the future through a tailor-made strategy. I listen to my clients and give them confidence that achieving their goals is possible.

In my spare time, on a sunny day you’ll see me spending time outdoors with my family and friends. Every winter we love to go skiing in the South Island.

Daniel Jespersen

Mortgage Adviser

P: 022 692 7566

Dan graduated from University of Auckland in 2016 and has been in the mortgage industry since 2018 after an initial stint in general insurance. He joined Twine Financial Advisers in November 2019.

Dan worked closely with Eugene since joining the team and transitioned to the role of mortgage adviser at the start of 2022. He has a keen interest in non-bank lending but is also very experienced with all types of lending.

He has a keen interest in property and enjoys helping families into homes!

Outside of work Dan is an avid gym goer and a die-hard Warriors fan, which can make for some interesting discussions on a Monday morning!

Kayla Arcus

Associate Adviser

(On Maternity Leave)
P: 022 024 9548

Kayla is an Associate Adviser at Twine, she directly assists Eugene and his clients. With more than three years of experience at ASB Bank, she has a solid background in customer service, personal loans, and small business banking. Kayla is passionate about helping clients and enjoys being part of a dynamic team in the lending industry.

Kayla is currently on maternity leave until 2025.

Sofia Gottipalli

Loan Writer

P: 022 165 6307

Aileen Joy B. Leal

Lending Assistant


With over 17 years of experience in the financial services industry, my career began at Maybank Philippines, where I spent 14 years as a Loan Closing Officer, honing my skills in loan processing and customer service.

I then transitioned to a role as a Virtual Mortgage Assistant for a Sydney-based Mortgage Broker, where I spent more than three years further expanding my knowledge and capabilities in the lending industry. Currently, I am proud to assist Eugene as a Lending Assistant, continuing my commitment to providing exceptional service and support to our clients.


Furnancial Adviser

Isla is a blue roan English Cocker Spaniel, born and bred in Rotorua from a lineage of championship show dogs. The life of a show dog can be hard, but Isla was fortunate enough to not make the cut due to the spots on her nose and back. And for that, we are forever grateful. She's been part of our family and team since the early age of 8 weeks old.

Her daily responsibilities include greeting the team every morning, alerting everyone that the courier guy has arrived, and keeping the team happy and healthy by getting everyone to go for our daily lunchtime walks around Rosedale business park.

She'll join her colleagues on whatever they have going on, whether it's a team meeting or eating lunch - she'll be there.

Isla will be the first to greet you when you visit the Twine office, she'll come with her wiggliest of tails.

What our Clients Say

Shanna Forsythe
Shanna Forsythe
We worked with Daniel, he was so patient, helpful, organised. His reminders were timely, he’s easy to communicate with. We would have never been able to purchase our first home without his efficiency. Highly recommend!
Rachael Bailey
Rachael Bailey
Highly recommend Daniel Jespersen. Great service and expertise.
Lewis Bavister
Lewis Bavister
Dealing with Daniel has been a breeze. He helped us every step of the way setting up our first home loan, as well as letting us know about products that would help in our specific situation. Communication has been excellent, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Daniel & and the team at Twine to anyone looking for a 1st home loan or general mortgage advice.
Sean Wong
Sean Wong
Expect top class service from Twine Advisors. Eugene surprises us with his friendliness, market knowledge and professionalism. Getting a housing loan was a breeze and stress-free with his on-point and proactive advice. Highly recommended!
Philip Chuah
Philip Chuah
TWINE Financial Advisers uses efficient tools and software to speed up loan applications, that gives them an edge over other mortgage brokers. If you need speed and committed advisers, look no further and give them a try.
Chee Stella
Chee Stella
Very helpful in giving all the information that we needed and in liaising with third parties where necessary.
Chitra Gopalakrishnan
Chitra Gopalakrishnan
Eugine and his team has been fantastic right from the beginning when I bought the house . He has given me the right advice all these years and has negotiated the right interest rates with bank , assisted me with all the back ground paperworks to make the mortgage settlement smooth. Eugine and his team is always accessible and responds to any questions as soon as they can . I have complete faith in his decisions as I know that he put this clients first and think about what is best for the client with their best interest in mind . I will not have a second thought on recommending Eugine’s service to my family and friends . He is trustworthy.
Maree Greenwood
Maree Greenwood
Eugene went above and beyond. He made everything simple and easy to understand. He’s thorough, committed and provided a personal touch to his service. He really understood our needs and achieved the best outcome for us. I can’t thank Eugene enough for his efforts. 10/10 highly recommend Eugene for his amazing services. Thank you again.
Leon Mooney
Leon Mooney
Eugene and the team have been fantastic over the years. No messing around and clear, consistent communication. You will NOT get this from every broker. These guys are on top of their game. Thanks for your support team.
We are glad we went with Daniel and the team at Twine to help us with the purchase of our first home. He went above and beyond answering our every questions with the best of his ability. Very nice and accommodating. Even on his days-off or weekends, where we don't expect a reply, he will try and answer as soon as he can. They were there every step of the way. Kudos to everyone at Twine. Keep up the great work!
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